General Terms and Conditions

Rules for using 1 app

Basic information about the app “1” and the game behind it

“1” app is a game.

We go to market with a promise: we pay.

So 1App pays companies’ costs and people’s wages.

The difference to other payment service providers is that our players do not pay with their own money – WE pay.

The players need the 1App to pay – or to be paid.

In order for our offer to be widely used, everyone would have to have the 1App in order to be able to claim and make our payments anywhere, in any life situation.
If everyone is to have the app, the system behind the payments must be transparent and credible.

Therefore, paying alone is not enough. Such an offer also raises the question: does the app also pay for weapons, drugs and war?
We want our app to serve society.

We want to support people who are fully committed to society but unfortunately still don’t have enough money.

We want to help companies make investments in the future.

However, we would like to prevent our app from paying for things that harm some people and many other people.

Therefore, the basis for ratings, payments and rewards is a game in which what is rewarded and paid is publicly visible to all players.
For example, paying for drugs in the game is prevented.

On the other hand, activities such as “private care of relatives” are publicly valued and give players who “do the right thing (in the sense of social society)” the social recognition that they deserve.

This game is played peer-to-peer, which means that two equal players always team up.

  • One player pays, the other player is paid.
  • One player provides a service, the other confirms this service – One player offers something, another player accepts the offer, etc.
    Each player can change his teammate at any time; the game brings players together in different ways (e.g. on fields or through intelligent sorting in lists). Each player has full control over
  1. His own account 2. The community account 3. The future account

Any player who manages a licensed field may initiate unlimited payments to other fields or players, provided that they are provided with specific service or offer information.

Serious Game

1 App is a game with a serious, socially relevant background. 1 you don’t play against the computer, but with other people.
1App alone is not enough – you need other players to be able to play 1.
In return for our free service of paying you a lot, we require that you stick to the rules and treat 1- players with respect.

We expressly distance ourselves from extremist beliefs, whether left, right, liberal, socialist or capitalist – we reject everything that in any way serves to divide people into groups, to degrade, to oppress, to exploit or to disadvantage.

We reject violence, war, weapons and everything that is in any way directly or indirectly related to them.
We also reject anything that judges certain people in any way. For us, every person has a fixed, unchanging value: 1. All content that in any way aims to downgrade or increase the value of individual people is against the rules of the game. In 1 no person is worth more than you. You and all players around you have the same rights. There is no difference between the players.

The rules and prohibitions listed here are not exhaustive. If something is forbidden by law, it is also against the rules of the game. If people are judged or disadvantaged, it is against the rules of the game. If you cause damage to other players or people, you cannot invoke the game or any missing rules in it.
The highest legal authority for you remains your state and the law that applies to you.
We will not, like Facebook and Co., stand idly by when game rules and/or the law are knowingly violated. We act actively, quickly and harshly against anything that harms our players or other people. We immediately report hate, hate speech, violence, hackers, trolls and extremist groups.

Please help us and report questionable 1 content to us immediately with the number of the player, field, challenge or offer to

Agree, Participate, Prohibitions and Consequences

If you use “1”, you agree to the rules and functionality of “1”. “1” follows functions and
game rules to which all players are bound. The game has a defined goal that all players work towards together.

Overall, “1” should make the world a better place – and not just for our players, but also for all other people and nature.

The defined goal of the game is to empty the 1-Future account. There are so many stars and points stored on this account that for several thousand years all people on the planet have to regularly post and complete “green challenges (for nature, education, upbringing, research)” so that this account will eventually be empty.

The idea is that the world/nature is in a bad state – and needs to be repaired. If many people complete such “green challenges” in large numbers, the world can remain habitable for future generations in the future.

We want to get there by creating a system in which all people can work and trade with one another peacefully and without restrictions.
Thanks to an attractive reward system, 1 should also be fun.

In this context, our offer/game/app “1” only supports actions that are compliant and legal.

As a precautionary measure, we would like to point out that violations of the following specific rules can result in temporary or even permanent bans on your access to the game.

Legal Status

1 is a virtual, digital “ideal” world without money, debt, companies, rulers and injustice. However, since 1 is just a game, these things are irrelevant in the strict sense of the law.

Participation in the game at 1 does not release you from the existing legal framework. Your and other rights and obligations remain unaffected.
1 is a game for people. Legal entities cannot register as players in 1.
Legal entities become fields in the game. This means that all players 1 play as private individuals.

This means that everything within 1, as well as the actions that may follow from it, actually take place within German civil law.
The organizations behind 1, icigai1 GmbH and XGE1 UG expressly distance themselves from all content in the game 1, except for that which we as players contribute to 1 ourselves.
“Free content” in the sense of challenges, deals and other content that was voluntarily posted by players is not influenced or changed by XGE1 UG.
Therefore, we cannot guarantee content and an actually profitable, positive and meaningful gameplay as we strive for.
We also cannot guarantee that other players always adhere to the game rules, applicable laws and regulations.


Liability, guilt and punishment do not exist in the game itself.

In the event of damage, the legal framework applies, e.g. according to §823/1 BGB.

As a gaming provider, we are liable for damage caused by us.

The person responsible is liable for any damage that occurs when two players interact.

You must insure yourself for damage that occurs during the game.

In Germany, for damage that occurs during or as a result of a challenge, for example
Those who caused the damage are obliged to restore everything as if nothing had ever happened happened.

For challenges in 1, the creator of a challenge is usually also known as the “cause of the
“Risks” should be considered, which means that other players are not generally jointly liable in the event of damage released.

In general it can be said: Anyone who leaves their home for leisure or with other people Work, professional or voluntary work should always have at least one private activity Have liability insurance, or better yet have private accident insurance.

Any insurance office in your area will be happy to advise you on this topic.

Data Protection

To secure your personal, personal data, these are not included in 1. This means that you only have to confirm your true identity when you log in – and you within from 1 you can remain completely anonymous. You just confirm that it is you at the entrance to the game.

We have decided not to provide your address and place of residence as mandatory information to request registration. Because if we don’t have this data, no one can give it to us either steal.

You can log in to 1 with your email address. You have to take responsibility for it make sure your password is secure.

If something goes wrong, you forget your password or you confirm a special action in 1
If you want to leave it, you need access to your email address.

For legal reasons, we are unfortunately only allowed to play 1 for ages 16 and up. Instead of By registering your date of birth you confirm that you are over 16 years old have.

In general, your personal data and the associated game data are only used for this used to make game “1” playable for all players. Use for something else we don’t have the data. We will not pass on your data without your consent or at all sell.

Our data protection declaration and our data processing declaration contain more detailed information on this topic.


Please be aware that anything you post in the game as a player can be seen by every player. All game data can be seen by all players. There are no secrets in 1.

Completed deals are only visible to our administrators. Only you can see your purchased offers. Offers, chats and challenges that are assigned to a field are only seen by the members of the field. However, since every player in every field can become a member, you have to assume that potentially every player can see your entries.

We therefore urgently ask you to only enter information into the app “1” that is as “uncritical” as possible. Only you know what is critical and what is not critical for you and others, not us.

Furthermore, you should not enter any information into the game that violates or restricts the property rights or freedoms of third parties. Questionable challenges that you did not formulate but then complete end up on your profile
page and remain there permanently. So don’t sign up for challenges that could harm your reputation in the game/society.

  • Please do not post photos with people in them who do not expressly request this and have given you their consent
  • Please do not post any images that allow any conclusions to be drawn about specific people (except on yourself / if you want that)
  • We advise you not to post any pictures of yourself in one app – as this may allow other players to draw permanent conclusions about you. o In 1 app you are equal to other players and anonymous o
    With a photo of yourself you give up a large part of this anonymity, which will be discussed later
    can lead to disadvantages that other players do not have

You get control over challenges and deals that have not yet been taken advantage of by other players. Challenges completed by you or other players remain part of the game.

It is not possible to subsequently change the content of challenges or deals. In special cases, a written request for a content change must be submitted to us in order to make a subsequent change.

These applications are accepted at . There is no right to subsequent changes. Only players directly associated with the record being requested to change can request changes.

If a third party not involved in the data set reports violations of their personal rights or freedoms, we will forward this report to the players involved in the data set. If necessary, a player involved in the data set must then submit a data change request to us.

Explicit Bans in The Game 1
  1. You will only create one player account for yourself and not a second one
  2. You will never play on behalf of one or more other people without express permission
  3. You will not obtain login information or access an account that one belongs to another person
  4. You will not promote political or extremist opinions
  5. You will not send unauthorized commercial communications (e.g. spam) to 1 Post
  6. You will not post content that: contains hate speech, threatening or pornographic are, incite violence or contain nudity and violence
  7. You will not collect or otherwise access member content or information using automated mechanisms (such as bots, robots, spiders or scrapers) unless you have our prior permission.
  8. You will not engage in any unlawful structure distribution, such as pyramid schemes, operate on 1
  9. You will not upload viruses or other malicious code
  10. You will not bully or intimidate other players or groups of players,
    harass or bully
  11. You will not use 1 to promote any unlawful, misleading, malicious or to carry out discriminatory actions
  12. You will not carry out any actions that would interfere with the proper functioning or
    could block, overburden or impair the appearance of 1, such as denial of service attacks, or could disrupt a site offering or other functionality of 1
  13. You will not support or encourage any violation of these rules and in
    In the best case, report it promptly to
  14. As the “leader” of a field, you will be truthful about the legal form and the associated issues related requested information, or enter it truthfully when creating a field
  15. You will not use your field to provide informal services through “field leader” purchases via the community account services to people or companies who do not play 1 or have their own field license. Everything you use as
    leather for your field can only be used by your field or the license holder of the field.
  16. You will not commercialize the data of other players, whether as a free player, club or paid corporate customer.
  17. You may not use information obtained in 1 outside of the game to Make profit-oriented offers to other players or fields outside of 1
  18. If you want to offer commercial/discounted offers, you need a field with a commercial license.
  19. You will not use good deeds to do illegal work or low wages in real life to offer or promote working life
  20. You will not violate any applicable laws during a challenge.
  21. You will not incite other players to violate the law or commit administrative offenses
  22. You will flag up potential crimes set as a challenge immediately first report it to the police and then
  23. You will also immediately report any legal violation that arises in connection with 1
    Report to the police or public order office
  24. You do not give alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, narcotics, medication in the game or similar to other players.
  25. In particular, you always fully comply with the Youth Protection Act
  26. You do not call for vigilantism or carry it out yourself with help
  27. You will not use 1 to embezzle private or corporate profits, to conceal or evade taxes
  28. When you act as a responsible “leader” in fields, you do not take action carry out without consultation and notice, the direct financial, legal or have tax implications for the field members
  29. You will not use “1” to carry out public service administrative tasks to set.
  30. You will not use “1” to serve as an official of a public authority to carry out administrative tasks with citizens.
  31. No player is above another player in 1 app. Your rank and related ones
    Violence towards others in the real world does not carry over into the game
Account-Related Prohibitions and Security
  1. You won’t create a profile for someone else.
  2. You will only create one personal account.
  3. You will not open a field for companies, associations or other legal entities unless this has been expressly agreed and approved by the management / owner / board or the respective responsible person of the company / association / legal entity. a. You will not create a field for companies or clubs where
    • You are an outside third party. If you don’t work in this company, you are not allowed to create a field for this company.
    • You create a field for a company, for example, and then leave it
      • company, you will transfer a possible leader function in the field to other/remaining employees in the field.
    • You will not lead a field for a legal entity if the key managers of the company/association/legal entity do not want this. Upon request, you will transfer your leader function to the management of the company or the board of an association (also applies to all other legal forms)
  4. If you lead a field as leader, you will lead the field taking into account all legal regulations and the 1 rules of the game.
    • You will not include any political or radical content in the description of the field post
    • The same applies to the image of field
    • If a player violates any laws or the rules of the game within the field you lead, you can terminate the player’s membership in your field.
      Any unfinished content on the field set by the player in question automatically expires.
    • As a field leader, you are responsible for the field and what happens in it – we – as XGE1 UG, will not influence content or your actions.
    • If, contrary to the rules of the game, criminally relevant content appears in your field, you first have the obligation to report this to the public authorities such as the police – and then to us.
  5. If your player account is blocked, you will not create another one without permission.
  6. You will not use 1 if you are under 16 years old.
  7. You will not share your password (or secret key), allow anyone else to access your account, or take any other action that may compromise the security of your account.
  8. You will not transfer your account to anyone without our prior written permission to catch up.
  9. If you choose a username or similar name for your account or page, we reserve the right to change it if we deem it necessary (for example, if the owner of a trademark has a complaint about submits a player name that
    does not correspond to a member’s real name).
Protecting The Rights of Other People
  1. We respect the rights of others and expect that you do too.
  2. You will not use 1 to harm, insult, discriminate or similar against other players, other people, institutions or companies.
  3. If you don’t like 1 app, you will delete 1 app. Furthermore, you will not harm, insult or discredit our employees or service providers.
  4. You will not copy functions that you see and use in 1 app and use them in your own/use other products.
  5. Images and texts that you upload to “1” legally belong to the
    Website operator XGE1. However, you retain the authority to decide what to do with this information in the future. Data that is already firmly interwoven into the course of the game may no longer be able to be deleted subsequently. So please think carefully beforehand about what information you are sending.
  6. You will not distribute content on 1 or take any actions on 1 that Violate another person’s rights or the law.
  7. We may remove any content or information you have posted on 1 if we believe it violates this statement or our policies.
  8. If we remove your content because it infringes someone else’s copyright and you believe it is in error, we will give you the opportunity to respond. If you repeatedly infringe the intellectual property rights of others, we may terminate your account.
  9. You and the fields you create must not appear as if you or your field have any influence on overarching game processes outside of the field or your account.
  10. If you collect information from players in order to then use it commercially utilize, then you will:
    • Purchase a commercial license for your field from icigai1 GmbH
    • Control your activities via this field
    • Adhere to applicable data protection
  11. You will not request or post identification documents or sensitive financial information from anyone on 1.
  12. All rights granted by us to use 1 are without notice at any time revocable.
  13. You will not sell, transfer or sublicense your license, code, APIs or utilities to anyone.
  14. You will disclose your relationship with 1 or the organizations behind it to others don’t misrepresent.
  15. We may publish a press release describing our relationship with you describe if you give us a reason to do so.
  16. You will comply with all applicable laws. 17. You give us
    all rights necessary for 1 to function on all devices, including the right to incorporate the content and information you provide to us into message flows, timelines and reports of player actions.
Consequences of Violations

Violations are handled at different escalation levels:

  1. Warning if the rules of the game are broken
    • The player will be warned in writing to refrain from or stop certain actions in the future, or to remove content 2. And 3. Warning i. Warnings are issued every 7 days
    • A 1 occurs. , if the player has not
      complied with the request to adapt the content.
  2. Warnings for violations of the rules of the
    • If the player does not refrain from the illegal act and/or continues to do so, he will receive a warning
    • With the third warning, your player account will be blocked Month
    • There should be another warning after the third warning about a similar matter become due (after three unsuccessful reminders), a player account will be blocked for 6 months.
    • There should be another warning after a fourth warning about a similar matter become due (after three unsuccessful reminders), a player account will be blocked for 12 months.
    • If a warning is due again after a fifth warning on a similar matter (after three previous unsuccessful warnings), the player account will be blocked for an indefinite period.
    • During a ban, players can request a reactivation of the account at . G. Applications for (early) reactivation are examined individually and not decided publicly.
  3. Warnings and warnings in the event of violations of applicable law
    • If content in the app is obviously illegal, the player will receive a warning from us with an immediate request for action in the form of changing the content
    • If the player does not comply with this request immediately, a immediate warning issued. Depending on the threat situation, we can then reduce the time interval between the first, second and third warning to up to 60 seconds without issuing a warning.
  4. 1-3 also applies to players who commit illegal content in their role as leader of a field or post content against the rules of the game using the field
  5. Violations in fields will be reported immediately to the license holder.
  6. Fields that do not adapt or delete illegal content or content that violates the rules of the game despite warnings and warnings will be deactivated or deleted directly by us.
  7. We will take legal action to assert any damages that we incur as a result of your illegal or irregular use

Unless we make a change for legal or administrative reasons or for correction If we make an inaccurate statement in the articles of association, the manual or the general terms and conditions, we will give you the opportunity to review changes to this statement.

Your continued use of 1 after changes to our statutes or handbook also means your acceptance of our new/changed terms and conditions.


If you violate the content of these terms and conditions, we may otherwise face possible legal risks generated, the operating companies, their employees, the board members or
If you actively cause harm to partners (including in the context of your professional activities), we can Stop providing 1 to you in whole or in part.

If this happens, you will be notified by email or when you next log in inform about.

If this has happened, please contact informally.


You will have any claim, subject of action or dispute (claim) that you have against us and that arises from this declaration or in connection with it or with XGE1 UG or 1 clarified or clarified exclusively before the local court responsible for Jena, and You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts in litigating any such claim.

This statement and any claims that may arise between you and us are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

If anyone makes a claim against us relating to your actions, your content or your information on 1, you will indemnify us against all damages, losses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and legal costs).
Although we provide rules for player conduct, we do not control or direct the actions of players on 1, nor are we responsible for the content or information that players transmit or share on 1.

We are not responsible for any objectionable, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful or otherwise objectionable content or information that you may encounter on 1. We are not responsible for the conduct of 1-players, whether online or off the Internet.

We strive to keep the operation of 1 error-free and safe, but use of 1 is at your own risk. We provide 1 “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

We do not guarantee that 1 will always be safe, secure or error-free, or that 1 will always function without interruptions, delays or defects.

1 is not responsible for the actions, content, information or data of third parties and you release us from all liability for claims and damages of any kind, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in connection with a dispute with third parties.

We will not be liable to you for any profits, losses or other consequential, special, indirect or incidental damages arising out of or in connection with this statement, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. In these cases, 1’s liability is limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.


1 includes all functions and service offerings that we offer via our app “1” provide. The term “platform”, “app” and “website” defines a set of Application programming interfaces (APIs) and services (such as content).
others, such as app developers and website operators, access data from 1 or us can provide data.

By “information” we mean facts and other information about you, including Actions taken by interacting players and non-players. With “content” is
means everything that you or other players post on 1, and not by the definition of “Information” is covered.

By “data” or “player data” or “player data” we refer to all data,
including player content or information that you or third parties may access from 1.

With “post” and “share” we refer to publishing content on 1 or to Providing challenges in other ways using a device on which 1 is being used.

Nothing in this statement shall prevent us from complying with the law. This explanation does not grant any ownership rights or property rights to any third party. We keep ourselves any rights not expressly granted to you. You will all apply Comply with the law when using or accessing 1.